Deploy manually

Build Blazor applications for production

To manually build your Blazor application for production:

  1. Open a command prompt or terminal and go to the directory of your Blazor application. If it is WebAssembly go to the Server directory.
  2. Optionally change the database connection string(s) in appsettings.Production.json.
  3. Run dotnet publish -c Release. This command builds your application in production.
  4. The build output will be in bin/Release/net8.0/publish/ (.NET 8), bin/Release/net7.0/publish/ (.NET 7) or bin/Release/net6.0/publish/ (.NET 6). Copy all files from this location to your server.


Follow Microsoft’s official deployment instructions.

Note: Radzen Blazor Studio provides automatic deployment to IIS and Azure as a premium feature.