Azure AD B2C Support

Radzen Blazor applications support authentication and authorization against Azure AD B2C.

  • Radzen application users can login via their Azure AD credentials.
  • Radzen application developers can require users to log in before accessing a page.

Azure AD B2C Security for client-side (WebAssembly) Blazor applications is not yet available.

Enable Azure AD B2C security

To enable Active Directory support in Radzen follow these steps.

  1. Click the security link at the top right corner (next to data).
  2. Select Azure AD B2C from the provider dropdown.
  3. Enter all details. Instance is usually in the form and Domain is usually
  4. Click the Save button.

ClientID can be obtained from the Azure AD B2C application settings - it is the Application ID field.

The Sign up policy is also created from the Azure app registration settings - from the User flows section.

Add http://localhost:5000/signin-oidc as a Redirect URI in your Azure app registration. Remember to also register the final Redirect URI after deploying your application.

Specify the access of a page

Due to a known Azure AD B2C limitation Radzen only supports the two built-in roles - Everybody and Authenticated.