Filter by multiple fields as you type (Blazor)

This guide demonstrates how to filter DataGrid records by multiple fields as you type.

  1. Create new application and add new MSSQL data-source connected to Northwind database.

  2. Drop DataGrid component to Radzen design surface, bind it to Customers.

  3. Drop TextBox component above DataGrid, set width to 100% and Search ... for placeholder

  4. Create the following Reload method in the page partial class and define custom @oninput attribute for the TextBox component equal to @Reload.
     public partial class CustomersComponent
         string search = "";
         protected async Task Reload(Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ChangeEventArgs args)
             search = $"{args.Value}";
             await Load();

  5. Open Page Load query builder and define filter for CustomerID or CompanyName using TextBox component value as expession.

  6. Run the application to filter customers