Deploy to IIS (Angular)

This feature is available only for Radzen Windows users and will work for both pure client-side only applications with no server side code (OData, Swagger and Rest data-sources) and for applications with server side code (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL data-sources)


  • You need to have Web Deploy installed and running on both your machine and your server as service. Please make sure also that your user have enough rights to use Web Deploy.
  • Applications with no server-side part (OData, Swagger and Rest data-source) will require Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS because of HTML 5 routing.
  • Applications with server-side part will require .NET Core 3.1 Runtime (Installer for Windows Server Hosting).
  • When deploying to localhost you may need to run Radzen as administrator.
  • You may need to give read rights to your user for %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\inetsrv\config\ folder

Quick video


  1. Click “Deploy” button. Deploy button
  2. To start deploy process you need to enter your server name/address, server login credentials and IIS site name where “Default Web Site” is the root in your IIS. Deploy application with OData data-source Deploy application with Microsoft SQL Server data-source

    In this case you have ability to edit your database connection string before deploying

When you click “Deploy” button Radzen will prepare for publish server-side app (if applicable), will build Angular app in production and will use Web Deploy to publish the app to the specified IIS server.

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