In various Radzen component properties and all component events you can use expressions. ${event} is available in editor for all events, ${[PROPERTY_NAME]} is available in editor for various properties and ${parameters} is available in both events and properties editor.

Events expressions

Properties expressions

Generic JavaScript expressions

Filter expressions

By default Radzen is using OData V4 services (except when data-source is OData V3 serice) and you can use OData filter expressions directly. You can use also Query Builder to build filter expressions visually.

For OData V3 filtering syntax please visit 5.1.2. Filter System Query Option chapter

Expand expressions

Radzen can detect and infer relations when using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or OData and will set automatically $expand expressions when creating pages from data. Expand expressions are comma-separated property names you want to expand.

Blazor expressions

For Blazor applications you can write also directly C# expressions. Sample app showing the free Radzen Blazor Components can be found here:

In templates:


@String.Format("{0:C}", item.ProductPrice)

@String.Format("{0:d}", item.OrderDate)

As property value:


As code to execute:


As condition:


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