Radzen is available for download for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux.

Install on Windows

  1. Download the latest Radzen version for Windows.
  2. Double click the Radzen installer to run it.

Install on macOS

  1. Download the latest Radzen version for macOS.
  2. Double click the Radzen DMG to mount it.
  3. Drag and drop the Radzen icon to Applications macOS DMG

Install on Ubuntu

  1. Download the latest Radzen version for Ubuntu.
  2. Install the package via dpkg:

    sudo dpkg -i radzen-2.7.1-amd64.deb

  3. If you don’t have Google Chrome or Chromium installed you would also need to install two other packages: libappindicator1 and libindicator7.

    sudo apt-get install libappindicator1 libindicator7

Radzen will install to /opt/Radzen. You can start it by running radzen from your terminal.


Radzen automatically checks for updates on startup when running on Windows or macOS. If a new version is available Radzen will download it and ask you to restart in order to apply the update.

In case the update fails (there could be issues with the auto-update process) simply download the latest version and install it manually.

Database support requirements

Radzen’s MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL support requires .NET Core 1.x SDK or .NET Core 2.x SDK to be installed. If a compatible installation isn’t found Radzen will offer you to install it.

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