Internationalization (Angular)

This guide demonstrates how to enable Angular Internationalization (i18n) for Radzen application.

Quick video


  1. Create new or open existing application and open application settings.
  2. Add desired cultures (you should have at least two), choose default culture and click Save button.
  3. Run. Radzen will automatically:
    • Mark all localizable properties of all components in your pages.
    • Build default xlf file with the translatable strings using ng xi18n command.
    • Build xlf file for every culture or merge new strings into existing xlf file using the xliffmerge tool ( where you can place your translated strings.
    • Start the application using the default culture.
  4. Deploy. Radzen will:
    • Create separate application for every culture by performing all steps from the run phase (build default xlf file and create/merge xlf file for culture).
    • Add language chooser for each application and will start the application with default culture after deploy. What you need to do manually:
    • Translate your strings and mark them as translated.