RadioButtonList (Angular)

This guide demonstrates how to use the RadioButtonList component.

RadioButtonList Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘radiobuttonlist’ + index suffix Unique name of the RadioButtonList.
Options array null RadioButtonList options.
Value string null RadioButtonList value.
Orientation string ‘horizontal’ ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’.
Disabled boolean/expression false Is RadioButtonList disabled.
Visible boolean/expression true Is RadioButtonList visible.

RadioButtonList Events

Name Type Default Description
Change event null Change event of the RadioButtonList. Selected value as event argument.

For more info about event actions please visit event actions in our documentation.

Angular declaration

<rz-radiobuttonlist #radiobuttonlist0 [(ngModel)]="selectedOptions" name="radiobuttonlist0" (change)="radiobuttonlist0Change($event)">
  <rz-radiobuttonlist-option text="Option 1" value="1">
  <rz-radiobuttonlist-option text="Option 2" value="2">
  <rz-radiobuttonlist-option text="Option 3" value="3">