Scheduler (Angular)

This guide demonstrates how to use the Scheduler component.

Scheduler Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘scheduler’ + index suffix Unique name of the scheduler.
Data array null Scheduler data.
DefaultDate string null Scheduler default date.
IdProperty string null Scheduler data Id property name.
StartProperty string null Scheduler data start property name.
EndProperty string null Scheduler data end property name.
TitleProperty string null Scheduler data title property name.
Editable boolean true Is scheduler editable.
Weekends boolean true Are weekends visible.
Locale string en Scheduler locale. Can be set to it, fr, es, etc.
FirstDayOfWeek number 0 (Sunday) The first day of week

Scheduler Events

Name Type Default Description
EventSelect event null Fired when event is selected. Event data as argument.
EventAdd event null Fired when event is added. Object with start and end date properties.
EventUpdate event null Fired when event is updated. Event data as argument.

Angular declaration

<rz-scheduler #scheduler0 [data]="getBookingsResult" endProperty="EndDate"
  idProperty="Id" startProperty="StartDate" titleProperty="Title">