SSRSViewer (Angular)

This guide demonstrates how to use the SSRSViewer component to access Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

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SSRSViewer Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘ssrsviewer’ + index suffix Unique name of the SSRSViewer.
parameters array null SSRSViewer parameters.
reportServer string null Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report server url.
reportName string null Report name.
useProxy boolean/expression false Should SSRSViewer use server-side proxy or directly access report server.
Visible boolean/expression true Is SSRSViewer visible.

Using server-side proxy to customize report parameters

When useProxy is set to True you can customize the report request using OnReportRequest partial method. You can change url, headers, report parameters, etc.

public partial class ReportController
    partial void OnReportRequest(ref HttpRequestMessage requestMessage)
        // Customize report parameters
Public Partial Class ReportController
    Private Partial Sub OnReportRequest(ByRef requestMessage As HttpRequestMessage)
        ' Customize report parameters
    End Sub
End Class

Angular declaration

<rz-ssrsviewer #ssrsviewer0 reportServer="http://localhost/ReportServer/" reportName="ProductSales" [useProxy]="true"