Upload (Angular)

Upload component properties and events. Please check also this guide how to use the Upload component with .NET Core.

Upload Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘upload’ + index suffix Unique name of the upload.
Url string null Upload url.
Accept string null Accepted files filter.
ParameterName string file Upload parameter name.
ChooseText string Choose Choose button text.
UploadText string Upload Upload button text.
CancelText string Cancel Cancel button text.
Multiple boolean false Is multiple files upload allowed.
Auto boolean false Is auto upload allowed.
MaxFileSize number null Max file size.
PreviewWidth number 50 File preview width in pixels.

Upload Events

Name Type Default Description
BeforeUpload event null Before upload event. No event arguments.
BeforeSend event null Before send event. No event arguments.
Upload event null Upload event. Fired on successful upload. No event arguments.
Error event null Error event. Fired if there is an error during upload. No event arguments.
Clear event null Clear event. Fired when files for upload are cleared. No event arguments.
Cancel event null Cancel event. Fired when upload is canceled. No event arguments.

For more info about event actions please visit event actions in our documentation.

Angular declaration

<rz-upload #upload0 accept="image/*" [auto]="true" [maxFileSize]="1000"
  [multiple]="true" url="http://yourdomain.com/upload/">