Deploy to FTP and Azure

This feature is available for Radzen users on all platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux) and will work for both pure client-side only applications with no server side code.

  • Login in Microsoft Azure portal, create new Web App and the get the app publish profile.

Select Web App Create Web App Click Get Publish Profile button to download the publish profile. Get Publish Profile Open publish profile to read publish settings. View Publish Profile

  • Select FTP deploy provider in Radzen and enter publish profile settings (publishUrl, userName, userPWD and destinationAppUrl).

Publishing application without server-side part (OData, Swagger or REST data-source) Enter Publish Profile OData app Publishing application with server-side part (MSSQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL data-source) Enter Publish Profile MS SQL app

In this case you have ability to edit your database connection string before deploying

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