Mask (Angular)

This guide demonstrates how to use the Mask component.

Mask Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘mask’ + index suffix Unique name of the Mask.
Value string/expression null Mask value.
Placeholder string empty Mask placeholder.
Mask string null Mask pattern.
Size integer null Size of the input field.
Maxlength integer null Maximum number of character allows in the input field.
ReadOnly boolean/expression false Is Mask read-only.
Disabled boolean/expression false Is Mask disabled.
Visible boolean/expression true Is Mask visible.
autoClear boolean/expression true Clears the incomplete value on blur.
unmask boolean/expression false Defines if ngModel sets the raw unmasked value to bound value or the formatted mask value.

For more info about expressions please visit expressions in our documentation.

Angular declaration

<rz-mask #mask0 mask="99-9999" placeholder="Enter here ..." name="mask0">