DatePicker (Blazor)

This article demonstrates how to use the DatePicker component. Check also the component guide and API reference.

DatePicker Properties

Name Type Default Description
Name string ‘datepicker’ + index suffix Unique name of the DatePicker.
Placeholder string empty DatePicker placeholder.
Value object null DatePicker value as DateTime?.
Inline boolean false Should show calendar only.
TimeOnly boolean false Should show time only.
ShowTime boolean false Should show time.
ShowSeconds boolean false Should show seconds.
ShowTimeOkButton boolean true Should show time part Ok button.
Disabled boolean/expression false Is DatePicker disabled.
ReadOnly boolean/expression false Is DatePicker read-only.
Visible boolean/expression true Is DatePicker visible.
Style string null In-line CSS style.
DateFormat string yyyy-MM-dd Date format.
HourFormat string 24 Hour format. 24 or 12.
YearRange string 1950:2050 Year range.
HoursStep number 1 Step factor to increment/decrement hours.
MinutesStep number 1 Step factor to increment/decrement minutes.
SecondsStep number 1 Step factor to increment/decrement seconds.

DatePicker Events

Name Type Default Description
Change event null Change event of the DatePicker. Selected date as event argument.

For more info about event actions please visit event actions in our documentation.

Blazor declaration

<RadzenDatePicker ShowTime="true" HourFormat="12" DateFormat="MM/dd/yyyy h:mm tt" Change="@DatePickerChanged" />